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Scrap Metal Removal Services

Do you need the help of a scrap metal hauling business near you? Then it’s time to get in touch with Junk Police! We can take that scrap off your hands fast and make sure it gets recycled, too.

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New Jersey Scrap Metal Pick-Up Services

It’s not always immediately clear what you should do with a mountain of scrap metal. After all, you shouldn’t just dump it all at a nearby landfill because, well, scrap metal doesn’t break down. Thousands of years from now, when we’re all gone, that metal will still be sitting there, completely intact. Because of this, it’s best to take your scrap metal to a recycling facility so it can be melted down and used for something new. Want someone to remove the scrap metal from your property and take it to one of these facilities for you? Then contact Junk Police, a locally owned business in New Jersey, and request our scrap metal removal services. We will do all the hauling for you, making it so you can watch television or read a book during your appointment. Take some time to relax while we make your scrap metal disappear!

Why Our Junk Metal Pick-Up?

Why Our Junk Metal Pick-Up?

Some items are easier to carry than others. As you can imagine, objects made out of paper and cardboard are generally quite light, meaning you can lug them around without any problems. On the other hand, things made out of metal can get really heavy. And when you need a scrap metal pick up, then everything you’re dealing with is made of metal! Don’t wear yourself hauling around these bulky pieces of scrap. Instead, let the professionals at Junk Police do it for you. We have big muscles from taking on junk removal projects all week long, so needless to say, we can take that scrap off your hands without ever having to slow down!

The good news is that it doesn’t cost much to get our scrap metal removal services. In fact, what you pay is simply based on the volume of scrap we take off your hands. We never add hidden fees to your final bill, either! What’s more, we have a special offer for first-time customers. You can receive twenty-five dollars off your appointment with us, but only if you mention this deal to us. Keep that in mind to make your scrap pick up as affordable as possible!

Ready to schedule our scrap metal removal services?? Then we invite you to contact us online. Our contact form is simple, requiring you to simply provide some details about the scrap, your location, and when you’d like to see us. We offer same-day and next-day appointments, so keep that in mind. You can also call us at 833-223-5865 if that’s what you would like!

How Scrap Pick Up Works

How Scrap Pick Up Works

  1. Your appointment begins with our timely arrival at your location. Expect us to have lots of truck space available so that we can pick up all your scrap at once.
  2. Accept our upfront service quote after we’ve reviewed all the scrap metal you have for us. That way, we can lock in our price and immediately get to work.
  3. Next, our team members will start picking up the scrap, hauling it out the door, and loading it onto our junk removal truck.
  4. Finally, we’ll accept your final payment and take the scrap away for recycling. Now that your scrap is gone, you can get back to life!

Scrap Appliance Removal Services in New Jersey

Some forms of scrap metal are larger than others. Perhaps one of the biggest sources of scrap metal is a broken appliance, such as a refrigerator, freezer, or washing machine. Fortunately, the team at Junk Police can remove your unwanted appliance just as easily as any other kind of scrap metal. We have hauled heavy items like this before, so we’re no strangers to this sort of work. We’ll be sure to bring along a full team so we can carry the appliance regardless of its weight. If necessary, we’ll break out a moving dolly and straps to help with the removal process. These tools are especially helpful when your junk appliance needs to go up or down a flight of stairs. This work might sound difficult, but believe us when we say that we’ll make it look easy!

About Us

About Us

When your junk needs to be put under arrest, then count on Junk Police to detain it sooner rather than later! We work fast to put your unwanted things behind bars, and we even provide same-day and next-day appointments. That way, you can get the affordable service you need in a flash. We mean business when it comes to junk removal, but you’ll find that we’re actually quite friendly when it comes to people. We love meeting our neighbors, learning more about what they do, and making their lives easier by cleaning up their messes!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Based on 52 reviews
Will use them again in the future. Customer service representative(Adrian) is very helpful in providing information. Definitely product knowledge is good. And was not intimidating during quote or pricing.Kudos to the Removal team (Nick and company). They were professional and was very nice and honest to let me know that a functional leaf blower was accidentally mixed in the junk. I was grateful for showing concern.
Edwina Aubrey P.
21:23 07 Sep 22
Overall great experience. On time and very professional with household cleanup. Would recommend to others!
Corey M.
19:43 06 Sep 22
My nana used their service today. The young men were on-time, courteous, friendly and personal. She would recommend them anytime!!!
Anthony S.
17:31 30 Aug 22
Nick and his team were great to work with! They were punctual, pleasant, courteous and respectful of my home...all at a very reasonable price for the items they removed. I highly recommend Junk Police and would absolutely hire them again.
alexis b
00:13 22 Jun 22
The team did such a great job removing two of our large sheds. Each team member was respectful and courteous. These guys worked so hard and got the job done as scheduled. I would definitely recommend them.
Tara K.
17:23 02 Jun 22
Junk Police get an A+++ from me! Nick and team demolished and hauled away an old gazebo for us. Nick was lovely to deal with, very polite and professional. Junk Police were prompt in responding to my request for a quote and were able to complete the job just a few days later. The job was completed unbelievably quickly and the site cleaned up beautifully. I didn't fine one piece of scrap or a single nail in the yard! I highly recommend them and will call upon them again if needed.
H D.
13:38 24 May 22
I had three sheds and their contents removed.It wasn't an easy job. Problemsarose that were unexpected. They took care of them without hesitation. They do whatever it takes to finish the job they promised to do and more. I'm very impressed with their work ethicand professionalism. The price was more than fair and I intend to use their service again in the near future. Can't go wrong with Junk Police.
Maria D.
20:41 15 Apr 22
The junk police team helped remove heavy items that I needed cleared out ! They also were able to move my piano out !! These workers were awesome. They were efficient professional and friendly! Junk police awesome and I will recommend to anyone that needs this service !!!
Beth B.
21:11 30 Mar 22
Luke removed yard debris from a tree removal and did an outstanding job! He was polite, punctual, and professional. The debris was removed quickly and timely at very reasonable price. I will definitely be using their services again!
Alexis M.
21:43 11 Mar 22
The Junk Police, Luke, Andrew and Bobby were outstanding and extremely professional during their time on the job. Their level of respect for our property and surrounding neighbors was exemplary to the point where they swept the curb and sidewalk before they left. They worked hard and the final product was worth every penny. I can't say enough about the Junk Police and would definitely use their services again.
Jacqueline W.
02:20 04 Mar 22

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