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The removal of unwanted piano equipment can sometimes be more work than you bargained for. When it’s time to say goodbye to your old piano, how will you manage to lift it up without asking someone for help? You can find the best professional help at Junk Police because we’ve been removing junk for a long time now!

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If only it weren’t so difficult to get rid of a piano, but alas, it’s often an incredibly difficult project. It’s mostly because of the sheer weight of a piano. Some pianos weigh more than a thousand pounds, and what’s more, their awkward size and shape make the difficult to maneuver through your house and out the door. Because of this, it’s handy to have a company nearby that provides piano removal services. Well, the #1 junk removal force in West Deptford, NJ is Junk Police, a locally owned and operated company!

Since our team is comprised of many different talented junk haulers, it’s a sure bet we can make your piano disappear fast. Bring us in, point us to the piano, then watch as we hoist it up and haul it out the door. We’ll even be able to lift it into our truck because this isn’t our first rodeo! Once we’re gone, what will you do with that free space you reclaimed?

Why Us for Piano Removal?

Why Us for Piano Removal?

There are quite a handful of companies out there that would be willing to remove your piano for you, but make sure you choose one you can trust. At Junk Police, we have removed pianos from homes, lobbies, and churches, and we’ve completed all these jobs successfully. Additionally, we are fully insured, so in the unlikely event we were to scrape a wall or floor, we’d be able to cover the damage. Never risk liability and always enjoy fantastic service by choosing us over the competition!

You shouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg just to get rid of a piano or two, so take comfort in the fact that our piano removal cost is always affordable and fair. The way we determine the prices for our junk removal services is by estimating the amount of truck space the stuff we take uses up. We’ll be able to estimate this easily with your piano, then let you know what you’ll owe us upfront. Our prices aren’t rocket science, and there are never any hidden fees, so what’s not to like?

If you need a helping hand moving your piano somewhere else on the property or even across town, we can assist with this, too! Our cost to move a piano works off a similar scale, so whether you want to get rid of your piano for good or take it to a new home, we’re the right team for the job.

How Piano Removal Works

How Piano Removal Works

  1. Of course, your piano is going to need ample truck space if it’s to be removed successfully, so we’ll make sure we have room for it before we arrive.
  2. Once we’ve made it there, we’ll provide you with an upfront service quote so you know what you’ll owe us before we even begin our work.
  3. Piano removal services are easy for us! Step aside so we have all the space we need to lift up the piano and haul it out your front door.
  4. The last thing we’ll do before we leave is accepting your payment. We never add hidden fees to your final bill so don’t worry about any unfair surcharges!

Donating Your Unwanted Pianos So They Don’t Go to Waste

In many cases, the pianos we remove are in completely usable condition, and we think it’d be a shame to just dump them at a landfill. Because of this, we’ll always aim to donate your unwanted pianos. We do this so we can reduce the amount of waste we generate, and in addition to this, get inexpensive pianos into the hands of people who want them. Many nearby thrift store organizations, including the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, would love to have your old piano so they can put it on sale. Don’t worry about the ins and outs of piano donation because we’ll take time to haul the piano there for you!

About Us

About Us

Junk Police has been removing junk with authority for a long while now, and we’d love to lend you a helping hand next! If have an old piano or any other instruments that you want to get rid of, then why not give us a call? Our pros won’t just haul it away—they’ll haul it away with big smiles on their faces. The reason we’re always so happy is that serving our neighbors is what gives us joy. We think you’ll find joy in our services, too, especially because our prices just make sense!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Based on 52 reviews
Will use them again in the future. Customer service representative(Adrian) is very helpful in providing information. Definitely product knowledge is good. And was not intimidating during quote or pricing.Kudos to the Removal team (Nick and company). They were professional and was very nice and honest to let me know that a functional leaf blower was accidentally mixed in the junk. I was grateful for showing concern.
Edwina Aubrey P.
21:23 07 Sep 22
Overall great experience. On time and very professional with household cleanup. Would recommend to others!
Corey M.
19:43 06 Sep 22
My nana used their service today. The young men were on-time, courteous, friendly and personal. She would recommend them anytime!!!
Anthony S.
17:31 30 Aug 22
Nick and his team were great to work with! They were punctual, pleasant, courteous and respectful of my home...all at a very reasonable price for the items they removed. I highly recommend Junk Police and would absolutely hire them again.
alexis b
00:13 22 Jun 22
The team did such a great job removing two of our large sheds. Each team member was respectful and courteous. These guys worked so hard and got the job done as scheduled. I would definitely recommend them.
Tara K.
17:23 02 Jun 22
Junk Police get an A+++ from me! Nick and team demolished and hauled away an old gazebo for us. Nick was lovely to deal with, very polite and professional. Junk Police were prompt in responding to my request for a quote and were able to complete the job just a few days later. The job was completed unbelievably quickly and the site cleaned up beautifully. I didn't fine one piece of scrap or a single nail in the yard! I highly recommend them and will call upon them again if needed.
H D.
13:38 24 May 22
I had three sheds and their contents removed.It wasn't an easy job. Problemsarose that were unexpected. They took care of them without hesitation. They do whatever it takes to finish the job they promised to do and more. I'm very impressed with their work ethicand professionalism. The price was more than fair and I intend to use their service again in the near future. Can't go wrong with Junk Police.
Maria D.
20:41 15 Apr 22
The junk police team helped remove heavy items that I needed cleared out ! They also were able to move my piano out !! These workers were awesome. They were efficient professional and friendly! Junk police awesome and I will recommend to anyone that needs this service !!!
Beth B.
21:11 30 Mar 22
Luke removed yard debris from a tree removal and did an outstanding job! He was polite, punctual, and professional. The debris was removed quickly and timely at very reasonable price. I will definitely be using their services again!
Alexis M.
21:43 11 Mar 22
The Junk Police, Luke, Andrew and Bobby were outstanding and extremely professional during their time on the job. Their level of respect for our property and surrounding neighbors was exemplary to the point where they swept the curb and sidewalk before they left. They worked hard and the final product was worth every penny. I can't say enough about the Junk Police and would definitely use their services again.
Jacqueline W.
02:20 04 Mar 22

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