Looking For A Storage Unit Junk Removal Service?

Storage Unit Junk Removal

Having a storage unit is always a great idea to keep spare furniture, toys, clothes, and other goods when your own home is overflowing. But what about all that clutter that’s now in your storage unit? It’s easy to forget that it’s all there. Other times a storage unit is a must-have if you have renovation projects, building projects, or cleaning out old homes and estates. All that clutter adds up fast and sooner or later you’re stuck with it. Even with the cheapest units in New Jersey at forty or fifty dollars a month, all that junk adds up.

The residents of New Jersey pay thousands upon thousands of dollars each year on storage units that are filled with junk that’s forgotten, at least until the end of the month when the bill arrives. Sure you can remove the junk yourself, but it’s a difficult job. You have to find the time and cleaning out all that junk is a hassle. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of cleaning out your own storage unit, calling a storage unit junk removal service is just what you need. But in New Jersey, what storage unit junk removal near me can get the job done? A quick online search shows dozens and dozens of services. Which one is right for me?

What Storage Unit Junk Removal Services do

As previously mentioned, it’s very easy to fill your storage unit with clutter and junk. Calling a storage unit clean-out service is one of the best options to get rid of that junk. That’s what these companies aim to do. Help you remove your junk from your storage units and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year. But the thing is not everyone does the best job. Some storage unit junk removal services in New Jersey just drive to the local landfill to drop your junk off, something you could have done. Others might not show up at all. Not to mention how long they can take, leaving you waiting with junk that needed to be removed yesterday.

Why Choose Junk Police

Junk Police is New Jersey’s #1 storage unit junk removal service. On top of just storage unit junk removal Junk Police deals in construction debris removal, rubbish removal, estate clean-outs and demolish services. Junk Police is a certified company that has the skills and experience to remove that junk. No job is too big or too little for us. This includes storage unit junk removal. Be it storage units filled to the brim with old books or maybe you somehow collected dozens of old mattresses. Whatever you need removed, Junk Police is the company service you can count on.

What Junk Police Can Offer for Your Storage Unit Junk Removal

Doing your research on other storage unit clean out services, you’ll see they offer similar deals. But here’s the deal. Junk Police is the best. When you call and make an appointment with us, we’ll arrive in a timely manner or you can schedule an appointment if you need us to arrive later. After that we’ll help you get rid of your junk. Junk Police has our own trucks and a specialized team to do all the heavy-lifting. As experts in all sorts of junk we can ensure you that whatever it is, we’ll take care of it.

Now, this might seem like every other sales pitch, but we at Junk Police do something differently compared to other storage unit junk removal services, we don’t just drive your stuff to a dump and call it a day. Instead, we take a much more eco-friendly approach by recycling your old junk. That old mattress, those old clothes, or even old toys will find a home that’s not just the dump. We will reuse any junk or donate them to local charities for refurbishment. Being eco-friendly is important to us and seeing all the junk that’s thrown away when it could easily be reused is something we want to stop seeing.

So if you’re looking for a storage unit junk removal service in New Jersey and want the best and most eco-friendly company around call us at 1-833-BAD-JUNK. We’ll even offer a free quote! Call us today to see how we can get that junk gone from your storage unit and save you thousands!