Old Shed Removal Services and Its Benefits

Old Shed Removal service NJ

Junk Police Provides old shed removal service that involves manual clearance of scraps, wreckages and any other trash/junk on a property. It’s an on-demand service that cuts across cleanup of old, and heavy vehicle parts from the garage to debris removal on completed construction sites, etc. We are professional junk cleaners offering quick and friendly services, charges no upfront fees, and does the whole cleanup process.

Do you ever wonder where to dispose your old shed in your yard?

Clearing your property of trash, and junk is also never easy. If you were going to go it alone, it is not only going to drain you but also take a lot of your time. Perhaps you’d think of hiring a dumpster to do it for you, but you’ll still have to pay and load it yourself.

Why would you stress on this when we could help you clear all that trash very quickly? We offer both commercial, and residential junk removal services. We’ll handle all the task that comes with trash cleanup which includes shed removal and towing of the damaged car from the property.

Our Old shed removal services in NJ include;

• Storage unit clearing
• Apartment cleanout
• Deck removal
• Commercial, and residential junk cleaning
• Carpet cleaning, and removal
• Bulk junk removal
• Hoarding removal
• Hot tub clean out
• Construction site debris cleanup
• Garage cleanup

Benefits Homeowners Get By Hiring Shed Removal Professionals

  1. Cost-effective

Junk removal experts will do all the cleanup for you. From clearing to the removal of the trash from the site, all you have to do is assign the task, and let them remove it. You also get a free evaluation of the work, friendly service, and pay no upfront fees.

  1. Safe disposal, and recycling of junk

Old metal pieces release a lot of harmful elements when not properly disposed of. When these pieces are moved to a junkyard, the metals are crushed and recycled.

  1. You earn from your old car

You probably left your old vehicle to lie in the backyard because you don’t have time for it anymore. Did you know however that you could earn some extra bucks from it? Well, we will evaluate the value of your vehicle, and pay you a lump sum worth its price. The factors considered during evaluation are the age of the car, it’s model, and extent of damage, etc.

  1. You boost your property’s value

When selling a property, the trash in the compound degrades its value. Because of this, you may be paid something less than it’s real value because of the trash you left uncleaned. What if I told you that we could help you boost the property’s value? Well, we do all the cleanup on our own. Just show us, and the junk is gone!

How To Find Junk Removal Experts

While finding shed removal services in NJ can be quite simple, there are a ton of things to consider before choosing a company. This is because not every company delivers what they promise. So, before committing yourself, be sure to check for;

  1. Reputation

When selling old car parts, it’s crucial that you do quick background research of preferred junk buyers. Check if they’ve had any buyer disputes in the past, and how they handled them. You would also check past client reviews on their website and social media pages etc.

  1. Transparency

If you’re new to selling a wrecked/old-model car, it’s prudent that you ask questions for terms of services you don’t understand. A good junk removal agency will respond to all your questions. They will also ensure all your verbal agreements are written down.

  1. Market experience

Newbie junk buyers/cleaners, may not know some of the illegal practices in selling damaged/wrecked car parts. In a poor dealing, you’d end up paying extra fees for liabilities you didn’t know would come up after the sale. An experienced shed remover will ensure you’re cleared of everything and all sales requirements like title transfer completed in at most seven days.

  1. Services

What is the extent of their services? Do they match your need? It’s vital that you review all the functions presented to you, so you don’t pay fees for phantom services.

We provide affordable shed removal service in NJ. Not only do we clear your old shed, but also help dispose of them appropriately. They can recycle or reuse the garbage making it friendly to the environment. Our team is ready to offer you the best services in NJ. Contact us today


Based on 52 reviews
Will use them again in the future. Customer service representative(Adrian) is very helpful in providing information. Definitely product knowledge is good. And was not intimidating during quote or pricing.Kudos to the Removal team (Nick and company). They were professional and was very nice and honest to let me know that a functional leaf blower was accidentally mixed in the junk. I was grateful for showing concern.
Edwina Aubrey P.
21:23 07 Sep 22
Overall great experience. On time and very professional with household cleanup. Would recommend to others!
Corey M.
19:43 06 Sep 22
My nana used their service today. The young men were on-time, courteous, friendly and personal. She would recommend them anytime!!!
Anthony S.
17:31 30 Aug 22
Nick and his team were great to work with! They were punctual, pleasant, courteous and respectful of my home...all at a very reasonable price for the items they removed. I highly recommend Junk Police and would absolutely hire them again.
alexis b
00:13 22 Jun 22
The team did such a great job removing two of our large sheds. Each team member was respectful and courteous. These guys worked so hard and got the job done as scheduled. I would definitely recommend them.
Tara K.
17:23 02 Jun 22
Junk Police get an A+++ from me! Nick and team demolished and hauled away an old gazebo for us. Nick was lovely to deal with, very polite and professional. Junk Police were prompt in responding to my request for a quote and were able to complete the job just a few days later. The job was completed unbelievably quickly and the site cleaned up beautifully. I didn't fine one piece of scrap or a single nail in the yard! I highly recommend them and will call upon them again if needed.
H D.
13:38 24 May 22
I had three sheds and their contents removed.It wasn't an easy job. Problemsarose that were unexpected. They took care of them without hesitation. They do whatever it takes to finish the job they promised to do and more. I'm very impressed with their work ethicand professionalism. The price was more than fair and I intend to use their service again in the near future. Can't go wrong with Junk Police.
Maria D.
20:41 15 Apr 22
The junk police team helped remove heavy items that I needed cleared out ! They also were able to move my piano out !! These workers were awesome. They were efficient professional and friendly! Junk police awesome and I will recommend to anyone that needs this service !!!
Beth B.
21:11 30 Mar 22
Luke removed yard debris from a tree removal and did an outstanding job! He was polite, punctual, and professional. The debris was removed quickly and timely at very reasonable price. I will definitely be using their services again!
Alexis M.
21:43 11 Mar 22
The Junk Police, Luke, Andrew and Bobby were outstanding and extremely professional during their time on the job. Their level of respect for our property and surrounding neighbors was exemplary to the point where they swept the curb and sidewalk before they left. They worked hard and the final product was worth every penny. I can't say enough about the Junk Police and would definitely use their services again.
Jacqueline W.
02:20 04 Mar 22