Deck removal services in NJ

deck removal services in NJ

If you have a deck, you’ve realized what can happen to it after years of use and maybe harsh weather. Decks whose boards were once beautiful may be covered with algae, leaf stains, or they could be decolorized due to weather.

Whether wooden or metallic, the effect of aging and weather are damage and weathering. Constant sun exposure makes metals to expand and woods to crack while cold harsh weather causes contraction on metals and promotes bacterial growth on wood. When these happen, the luster of decks disappears.

As a junk removal contractor in New Jersey, we know the frustration that comes with seeing great work fade over time. But don’t despair; there is something that can be done to restore such decks. It only takes a day to a week, depending on the size of your deck, to get everything completely revitalized.

How to determine whether you need a deck removal service?

Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should demolish the whole deck or remove part of it. Well, if most of the structural parts of your deck are in decent shape and are safe for you and your guests, then most likely you’ll need to repair only the bad rails, boards, and stairs. If otherwise, you need to completely demolish the whole deck although doing so may cost you more time and money.

So, should your deck be completely remodeled?

Here’s how to make a determination:

– First, you need to start a checkup from the bottom. Observe the footings to see if the deck itself is wrapped above the footings. If it appears wrapped then know that the footings are not very deep into the ground. Good footings are those that lie deep in the ground. So you can consider replacing them with deeper ones. Experts will do this by digging next to the old footings and pouring new cement footing.

– Next, you’ll need to examine all the deck posts and framings. For the posts, check if the wood/metals are sound, not rotten or cracked. If you find any problem, you should replace the post at least 1-foot away from the damaged area to ensure that all the damaged piece has been removed. For the frames, you can check their structural integrity by calling an inspector of the building department to check the soundness in terms of safety the frames can provide to the existing load.

– Examining all the joints should be the following step. Typically, all joints should be connected to the ends using metal hangers. Check whether the hangers have been nailed properly. Also, check the metal slashing that’s normally located behind the deck ledger.

Depending on your observation of the deck footing, posts/frames, and joints, you’ll be able to know the kind of deck service you need. If you cannot determine by yourself, you should consider contacting an expert to help you in the process.

Junk police all the way- the professional deck removal provider

So you have been staring at your old or weathered deck for some time with questions as to who’s the best professional to contact to remove or bring your deck back to life. For deck removal NJ, Junk Police is the way to go. Located in New Jersey, this company will do exactly what is required without any muss or mess. It’s a dream come true for deck owners in New Jersey.

The staff at junk police have years of professional experience in the removal and maintenance business in the New Jersey area. Whether full or partial deck removal, this crew will unleash its potential in giving you the best service. Quality, timeliness, and affordability are our key drivers.

We respect that our customers have other things to do and we’d never spend more time than we should on a project. Even with limited time, quality has never been a compromise for us. We are always on the look-out in the market to find new tools that will help us make our services even better and quicker.

And guess what, we beat our competitors in price. We don’t discriminate when charging- we’ll never charge you more because you look wealthier or because you are corporate. We charge the work we do, not the people we work for.

Regardless of who you are, don’t shy away. Junk police invites you to benefit from its professionalism in the construction trades as a junk remover.

If you’d like any information on deck removal contact us today