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When doing home renovations or construction. A construction debris removal company will be needed. More importantly, you would want to reduce the expenses associated with the removal of this debris, save time, energy and money and to make your yard or property ready for occupation or visits.

In fact, maintaining an organized and clean construction site is important. Most waste materials are known to cause safety problems and upset the property owner. If your goal is to eliminate the hassles associated with getting the dumpster permit from the city, damaging the lawn or driveway or even having trucks come severally. Construction debris removal NJ services will clean up the construction site property and recycle anything they can. Our trucks are large, which means that they will come once or a few times if the debris demand.


Why people choose construction debris removal NJ services

As we have stated, clutter is a big problem that all people have to deal with from time to time. The debris removal process can be time consuming and exhausting. Before removing any make sure you have observed the laws In most situations, the New Jersey state imposes fines. If you fail to abide by the local or federal laws when handling demolition or renovation tasks, you should expect a fine. Therefore, hiring certified demolition service providers is important. our workers are qualified and they will only provide quality services. Moreover, we are known to adhere to the laws of NJ when handling trash removal projects. Preventing our customers and ourselves from paying the common heavy fines.

Our junk removal process is fast & eco-friendly. Most human activities are likely to pollute the environment in various ways. If you care and mind about the well-being of the planet, you should start cooperating with the demolition companies in NJ. We rely on green technology to complete demolition projects and that alone contributes positively to the environment.

The services we offer

Junk Police takes care of any construction debris removal for remodels, renovations and new homes – regardless of the project size. You just need to make an appointment and we will show up on time with our professional staff and our heavy-duty trucks to haul away any unneeded debris. Here are our top services.

Concrete recycling and disposal services that Junk Police provides are an affordable and easier solution for the hard tasks associated with hauling away the tonnes of concrete. In fact, our crews will load up the broken pavement into the trucks and transport it to the disposal or recycling centres faster. That way, we help you avoid heavy lifting and prevent the concrete from ending up as landfills.

With our services, site clean-ups will always be easier. You can choose to engage us as your project continues or after it is complete to clear away the unused materials, the trash and any other types of debris. New building constructions are known to produce more waste than the property owners can afford to put in the dumpster. Therefore, they need a company to haul away the debris. Keep the worksite free of the leftover junk and clear out your property immediately after completion.

The construction materials are likely to add up faster in terms of weight and size. Junk Police handle everything from the plasterboard to floorboards to the shingles and corrugated iron. We will also haul away any windows, old appliances or bulky items. Our construction debris removal will take the time-consuming and difficult tasks off your hands in addition to finding eco-friendly solutions for various types of materials.

Why choose Junk Police

We are a insured junk removal company in New Jersey. Recycling anything that we can so that the junk can be reusable. We are proud of our quality customer services and we always complete jobs in a timely and professional manner. Our team is ready to offer you the best services in NJ. Contact us today




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